Tar denne på engelsk…

For those who have had problems when installing/activating the nvidia display driver in ubuntu 9.04 (jaunty jackalope), here is what have worked for me. It seems there is a permission problem when installing from the “Hardware Drivers” panel-applet,  and for me it lead to the entire xconfig getting left useless.

So, to avoid that you might want to try:

start a new terminal

“sudo -i”  to get in permanent superuser mode

“/usr/bin/jockey-gtk” to start the “hardware drivers” applet , now in superuser mode

Activate your preferred driver and let it install, it will require a reboot.

You should now have the driver installed and working, at least this has worked on 4 different machines for me. On a laptop I was unable to do the install on battery, had to connect it to power. After that everything worked as it should.

Hope this will be of help..